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CSP Mission

The mission of the California Science Project is to develop and enhance teachers’ science content knowledge and pedagogical practices in order to support high-quality science education for all students. To this end, the following goals are central to each CSP program:


• Deepen teachers’ knowledge of science content, in alignment with the California Next Generation Science Standards, Common Core State Standards and English Language Development (ELD) standards and associated frameworks;


• Enhance teachers’ instructional and differentiation strategies to improve learning for all students;


• Create professional learning communities, centered in teacher action, evidence-based, and reflection practices;


• Support the development of teacher leaders with the experience or potential to mentor colleagues


• Offer research based technical assistance, evaluation, and assessment to partner schools and districts to advance programs.


“To reform education, to make a bold move toward closing the achievement gap, we have to come together as one mind and develop reading, writing and thinking skills within each subject area. Imagine the power of students experiencing the same high expectations in every subject!”

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