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CSP Statewide Role towards NGSS Implementation

Since its inception in 1988, the California Science Project has been a powerful supporter to the state of California towards the implementation of state standards and instruction reform. With the adoption of the Next Generation Science Standards in 2014, the CSP has been a key partner in the following:
  • 2013  - CA STEM Initiative
  • CA Science Expert Panel
  • CA NGSS System Implementation Plan for California
  • CA Science Curriculum Framework – lead writer
  • CA NGSS Collaborative which works as a think tank to advance science education state-wide and support teachers and administrators through the dissemination of state-wide trainings, e.g., Rollouts and other professional learning events such as the development and implementation of the CA NGSS TIME (an adaption of the national Next Gen TIME) for the evaluation, selection and implementation of instructional materials.
  • California Partnership for Math and Science Education which works to strengthen math and science teaching and learning statewide through a multilayered approach to deepen standards implementation support and coordination.


California Science Project Statewide Office

Contact Information

Dr. Maria C. Simani
CSP Executive Director
PH: 951-827-3111
FAX: 951-827-4529


Jeanine Peirson
CSP Administrative Manager
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